With us your job becomes your passion

Sportsmanship is not just about performance, motivation, going higher, faster or further or winning - it's also about how we treat each other.

Our values are created from doing things together. And we particularly cherish certain values. They are the compass that guides us all in the workplace. 

Error culture

Stefan Pierer, CEO PM AG is convinced: “You don't get to the front by looking in the rear view mirror, you need to look ahead. As a highly innovative company, we use the trial-and-error principle in development. And that’s how our company culture has evolved.” New insights can always be gleaned from errors that are made – so testing, analyzing, adapting and optimizing are part of our daily business.

This is the only way we’ve been able to extend our edge in the market and consolidate our standing in recent years. 

Communication and collaboration

Communicating proactively and transparently and active listening are just three of many aspects that are important to us when it comes to communication. This is because: Cooperation can only work if different parties communicate respectfully and constructively on an equal level - both internally and externally. This enables us to build enduring trust within the team and strengthen cooperation.

Diversity and equal opportunities

We treat all employees fairly and with respect. As an international employer, this is very important to us, and we’re convinced that a diversity of heritage, culture and language always means a diversity of ideas and opportunities for growth as well.

To prevent the risk of unequal treatment, we create a working environment characterized by mutual trust, in which each individual is treated with dignity and respect, and in which people from different cultures and with different personal backgrounds are held in equal esteem.

Diversity is a top priority for us, and in order to do justice to this, we have trained employees who act as confidants and diversity officers.
Contact: Stephanie Nemec stephanie.nemec@pmag.com.

Work/life balance

We’re very keen to ensure that our employees are able to balance their current life situation and personal requirements with their job in the best way possible. That's why we offer flexible working hours.
To support working parents, we also offer two day care centers in the immediate vicinity (Mattighofen and Munderfing) as well as a free vacation program. We also promote women in STEM professions and are continuously expanding measures such as Girls Day and technical apprenticeships.

Support for international employees

To promote and support the integration of foreign employees, we work together with “Hotspot Innviertel”. The association helps employees in finding accommodation, dealing with authorities, any areas of uncertainty under tax and employment law, and with various questions in relation to relocating to Austria. Events are also offered explicitly for foreign employees to promote integration in the region and in Austria.

Modern working

The number of people we employ has doubled in the last seven years, meaning that new and modern jobs are being constantly created. The House of Brands is one of the most innovative office buildings that creates a special working atmosphere, featuring numerous meeting zones, modern architecture and gallery rooms. Paperless working and providing employees with the latest IT equipment are the fundamental prerequisites for efficient and modern work.