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We challenge and promote talented individuals

We allow you to take on responsibility and demonstrate your skills right from the start. We offer a variety of entry-level and further development opportunities for graduates. Experienced professionals also have the chance to continue their career at a specialist or management level. Because no goal is too challenging for us, you'll find we offer an innovative working environment full of exciting projects and assignments in a wide range of different areas.

Marketing, Sales & Product Management

We manage a large proportion of our global sales through our sales subsidiaries. Through our subsidiaries, we are directly connected to our dealers and can therefore respond quickly to developments in the market and to cater to customer expectations.

We’re setting new standards in the industry through our joint venture in Bulgaria. Our international marketing team is instrumental in strengthening our brands.

Purchasing, Customer Service and Quality Management

Purchasing is responsible for the full procurement process for our purchasing portfolio, makes inquiries, and negotiates with suppliers for all prototypes, series tools and series parts that are needed for series production. Standard contracts are adapted by purchasers and concluded according to the specification of the purchasing manager.

Our quality management guarantees maximum precision throughout the production process so that the bikes can be relied upon in any situation.

When the bikes leave the factory, our work is far from done. We maintain our aspiration to deliver a premium product by providing professional customer support.

HR, Finance & Legal

The Finance department is responsible for external reporting, maintains investor relations, and guarantees compliance with all accounting guidelines.

Controlling is responsible for the planning, management and control of commercial processes. By providing economic advice to the company’s executives and middle management, these experts support the implementation and achievement of the company's goals.

In the Legal department, meticulous attention is paid to ensuring that all applicable laws are observed. These experts make sure that our brands and products are protected.

The HR department bolsters the positioning of our employer brand, finds the best candidates by selecting specific personnel, and supports them throughout their career at PIERER New Mobility.

Production, Warehouse & Logistics

Designers and engineers plan and develop the bikes, which are ultimately manufactured to perfection in production at PIERER MAXCOM Mobility. Once assembled, each new bike has to pass through a quality check to guarantee perfect performance even under the toughest conditions. Only then can the bikes be shipped around the globe.

The bikes and spare parts can only be delivered on time worldwide thanks to smooth logistics. The Logistics department is also instrumental in achieving the company's goals. It optimizes workflows, lowers costs and reduces production times.

Benefits for employees

Pension plan
Pension plan

Safety and security really matter to us - not just on the road, but on the job too. This is why, each year, the company pays for additional life insurance for its employees.

Flex time
Flex time

Flexibility and responding quickly are essential if you want to be a winner. Travel times to the workplace, one's own working rhythm, focused work or a better work/life balance - these are all good reasons for flexible working - for example from different locations or from home. Why? Because it’s important that employees remain productive and healthy in the long run and be able to organize their daily lives with the right balance between work and leisure time.


Starting a new job can also mean changing where you live. We are happy to help new colleagues relocate, especially if they’re moving from some distance away. From flights and rental cars, transport or brokerage costs: the recruitment team is available to provide individual support during the offer phase. Depending on availability, this offer may also extend to providing a furnished room to renting a low-cost apartment for a period of transition.

Part-time work for parents and childcare
Part-time work for parents and childcare

Austria is one of the most family-friendly countries in the world. 25 vacation days, two years of parental leave and financial support for childcare costs allow employees to strike an optimum balance between the demands of family and professional life. As a large company, we’re committed to making it easier for parents to return to work, among other things by offering flexible working time models. We also offer childcare for children aged 1-3 in our two company-run day care centers in Munderfing and Mattighofen between 6:30 am and 3 pm. This includes group sizes of no more than 9 children and play areas. For children aged 4 to 12, there are also three weeks of free childcare during summer vacations. 

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