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We’re convinced that you have to keep moving to maintain your balance. This applies out on a trail as well as in your career. Are you looking for new challenges in your job? Or are you just starting your professional life? Whatever your situation, we look forward to helping you on the road to achieving your career goal!

Graduates and experienced professionals

Do you want to take on responsibility and prove your abilities? Then we’re the right place for you. We offer a variety of entry-level and further development opportunities for graduates. Experienced professionals also have the chance to start at a specialist or management level. Because no goal is too challenging for us, you'll find we offer an innovative working environment full of exciting projects and assignments in a wide range of specialist areas.

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Pupils and students

Ready to write a success story? Whether it’s a summer internship or work placement, a doctorate or a trainee program: We give high school and university students the chance to work on real projects and put the theory they learn into practice right away. Incidentally, this is often the first step on the path to a long-term, permanent position in the company. Maybe for you too? Let’s find out!

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Does your bike get upgraded regularly to make it even more fun to ride? You too can get an upgrade in our Academy by constantly expanding and deepening your knowledge.

From our perspective, further education means progress. Because we’re always looking ahead, we always have an eye on new opportunities - for you and your career too. If you really want to put the pedal to the metal and explore new routes, we offer you the opportunities you need. These range from apprenticeships and trainee programs to leadership training, an MBA course and a Young Pioneers College. Curious? Then let’s see which offer best suits you and your current situation.

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Living in the region

A rural feel coupled with excellent infrastructure, plenty of excursion options and close links to exciting bigger cities: This combination speaks for itself - and is a good reason not just to visit our locations, but to actually live and work here. Enjoy sports? Are you into art and culture? Do you like to be out in nature? Do you love to chill by a lake? Then our regions are perfect for you! It goes without saying that all around us there are great routes and tours for cycling fans to explore! 

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Most frequently asked questions

All FAQs

How should I apply?


To ensure rapid processing, we ask you to apply online via our career portal. Here, you can upload your own individual application documents (cover letter, resume, references, photo). You’ll receive an automatically generated confirmation e-mail when you have completed the process successfully. This way, the data protection guidelines are also complied with.

What documents are required to submit a good application?


To submit an application to our company, you need an informative cover letter, a resume and relevant references. Please make sure that you also state the area you want to work in on your application.

Can I also submit a general application?


If none of our job openings is suitable right now, you can also send us a general application. Please remember to state which area you want to work in.