Application process
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Ready to get going with us?

If you want to pedal hard and hit the ground running with us, you should also know why. Are YOU also passionate about biking? Do our brands and products ignite your passion? Then one of the most important steps has already been taken.

1. Online application

An informative cover letter, a resume and relevant references: This is what your application documents must include. Please only use our online tool to submit your documents.

2. Interviews with recruitment and specialist departments

As soon as you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an automatic e-mail. We’ll then review the documents. The preselection process takes about a week. We’ll then send you feedback and maybe also an invitation to an interview with our recruiters and employees from the department for which you’ve applied. 

3. Recruitment tools

The next steps will differ depending on which department and position you’ve applied for - either telephone interviews, further interviews in person, work samples or an assessment center. We also offer you the opportunity to get to know your future job and team. 

4. Onboarding

The first few days in a new job are always a steep learning curve. To help you settle in as you get to grips with this, we’ll assign you a buddy from your department who will support you during your first few days. We are very keen to make sure that you feel at home in your new job as soon as possible.

Application tips

Preparation is everything

Preparation is everything. This is why you should learn as much as you can about our company, our products and our philosophy before you apply.

Have fun

The most important thing: Be authentic at the first interview! We want to know who you are and what makes you tick. Feel free to tell us about your personal experiences, qualifications and professional knowledge, but also about what you like to do and what motivates you outside of work. Working with us should be fun!

Feel good

A well-groomed appearance is of course an essential prerequisite for making a good first impression. If your outfit matches our corporate philosophy, that would be great. But our tip is definitely: Choose an outfit for the application that suits you and that you feel comfortable in. 


Take a deep breath. We all know that a job interview is a very special situation and there are often desires and expectations depending on its outcome. We really do understand that. You can relax and enjoy getting to know each other.

Be curious

We value respectful interaction with you, so please do take the opportunity to talk to us in the interview. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - your interest shows us that you’re motivated.